Homer is the new president

Allow me to congratulate Noynoy, aka Homer, the new president of our beloved country. 

I just hope he’ll be able to handle the pressure in his new job.

Homer aka Noynoy: waaaaaa!


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Letter to Noynoy from a former classmate

My previous post is about the 12 reasons why Noynoy is not fit to become president. A commenter said: The 13th reason is Noynoy is ABNOY. The Philippines is not ready for a retarded president. I thought that was harsh. But upon reading the leaked psychological report, which the Noynoy camp immediately labeled as fake and a black pro, I thought it would be a good idea for all candidates running to undergo a psychiatric testing. Why not, di ba? Pati nga mga kasambahay pinapakuha niyan bago i-hire e… But what is this I heard that Noynoy doesn’t want to take the test? Why is he refusing to come clean with his health issues? The whispers about his mental and emotional state will hardly go away, and the only way he can disprove this is to undergo a psychiatric testing and not just claim that the report is bogus. Why fear such a test, if, as he claims, there is nothing wrong with his mental and emotional health?

Another also suggested: Instead of a psyche test, i reiterate that all presidential candidates should sign, execute & deliver to COMELEC or to each other, a formal waiver of confidentiality clauses of all their medical records/history, with all their doctors, hospitals, medical institutions, & health care service providers in the United States, Philippines or elsewhere – & prove their sincerity, transparency & physical, emotional & mental health/fitness for the high office of president.

Pwede rin, di ba?

Somebody posted the following on my FB wall. I have no idea if Tomcat is real (well, that’s a pseudoname, for sure…what I mean is if he really was a classmate of Noynoy), but the author seems knowledgeable so until (ab)Noy says something about it. Pero mukhang genuine, ha? hehehe!


We were classmates at the Ateneo and I have no doubt that you would remember me even if we were not close. Hint: I was one of those who ribbed you about the low grade that Fr. Kreutz gave you in math because you could never seem to get your fractions right. Remember going ballistic over that ribbing?

Anyway, reading the psychological report that was posted on the Internet a few days ago certainly made me remember you. I heard you say on the news that the report was fake but you did admit that there were some things in it that were true. “Part truths” I think were your exact words. It fascinated me enough to want to read the report carefully to check out which were those things that were true…. See More

Obvious things first, those facts that any of our classmates can confirm if asked. One of these is, as the report says, you have a labile disorder. This is whole truth. Even Fr. Gorospe would be distracted by your drooling during our oral exams. Fr. Ferriols, who made a point of showing he didn’t like you, would make side comments about it that led your classmates to give you the nickname “Cooper,” a reference to Cupertino school where we would teach Catechism to retarded children. I, however, never called you Cooper.

The report says that you have a “major depressive disorder.” Well, I honestly don’t know if that is true. What I do know is that in school you were very temperamental and had sudden mood swings. Isang minuto, nakikikain ka kay brudda francis, maya’t maya nagagalit ka na. Many of our classmates can attest to witnessing scenes like this.

The report said that you used to go with your mom to see Dr. Manuel Escudero. That is a whole truth. I remember seeing you at Tito Maning’s high rise apartment on Roxas Boulevard when we were still kids. Tito Maning was a consultant with the WHO here in Manila but he was also a psychiatrist who treated only the high society people in Manila. Even Imelda Marcos was his patient. Unfortunately, so was my mom who suffered from insecurities due to my dad’s numerous infidelities. Tito Maning’s wife, Tita Jo, was a very good artist who had a couple of exhibits of her work before they left Manila for good a few years after martial law was declared. They lived in Topeka, Kansas. After they left, I kept a correspondence for a while with their very cute daughter Nina who I am sure you remember. I had such a crush on her. Maybe you did too. She used to talk to us “little folk” in the sala of their apartment while the “big folk” would lock themselves in the room and discuss “big folk” matters. She wanted to go to ballet school or some dance school which she did, I think, and I eventually lost track of her.

About your smoking marijuana, I also can’t say if that is wholly true. What I do know is that you would try to tag along with a group of students that would hang out with Ma’am Gloria Arroyo. Mga students niya sa Economics. She was always surrounded by bright and handsome students kaya hindi ka pinapansin. Pati si Ma’am Placer, she never gave you the time of day kasi people said you were “medyo weird” and your grades were mababa per her standards. Pero, you still tried to hang out with those guys. Trying hard to belong ba. I know those guys would drink na kasama pa si Miss Rosales na pag lasing na, kumakanta ng Spanish songs in Spanish. They would drink dozens of bottles of beer at Shakey’s Katipunan because Mrs. Ramos (our Spanish teacher in case you don’t remember) owned the restaurant. This group was also known to also smoke joints in the college auditorium, up in the closed space where the spotlights were. So, if you were hanging out with them then, you were probably also smoking marijuana too.

The report said you had a flight attendant girl friend. This is another whole truth. I will not mention her name here to protect her but she was a PAL stewardess. I found out about this because I was on a flight with Fr. Samson once and she was the one who seated us. When she found out we were from Ateneo, she introduced herself and said she was the girl friend of an Atenean and mentioned your name. Fr. Samson then asked jokingly if you were a good boy friend to her. She shrugged and said you were “okay” but she was bothered because you were “too conservative.” You didn’t even like to kiss her daw because you were saving her for the wedding night. And you insisted that she dress very conservatively. Jealous boy friend ka daw. No wonder that relationship ended. Maybe that’s why you got so depressed over it.

About the report. I know that Tito Caluag is one of your best friends. His group of “friends” are some of the richest and most influential people in the country today. I know that you used to frequently visit his home. He hosts get-togethers where things that are too esoteric for me are the subjects of discussion. At one time, this group of yours even discussed the ousting of Fr. Nebres because Tito Caluag had his own ideas on how Ateneo should be run. Maybe your closeness to him is why he was the one you went to when you were depressed and why he was the one who handled your case and signed your psychological report. To keep things quiet. But I confess I actually don’t know. I do know that Tito Caluag was at one time your sister Kris’ father confessor. He may not be a very trustworthy father confessor, though, because many have heard him say aloud that “walang ginawa si Kris Aquino dito sa Ateneo kundi habulin si Alvin Patrimonio at mag-emote sa quadrangle”.

Anyway, yun muna. Good luck on your presidential run. If you become president of the Philippines, that would be really something ha! From “Cooper” to “Mr. President” when brighter and more scheming Ateneans like Mar Roxas and Dick Gordon have not been able to make it is an achievement that Mr. Ripley should feature.

Your old friend,


Heart to heart talk of a man and doc (source: http//myherbsandspices.wordpress.com)


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12 Reasons Why Noynoy is NOT Fit for Presidency

This is from a friend. May this enlighten the voters and eliminate Noynoy from their list on May 10 polls:
1st reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks that if there is no corruption there will be no poverty.

Reality check:

Corruption certainly contributes to poverty, but corruption is everywhere, even in the greatest democracy and the richest country in the world, the USA. President Obama has surrounded himself with many senior appointees who have been proven to be tax evaders. Large US MNCs give out bribes as a regular way of doing business. Corruption is a way of life in the USA, but it is a very rich nation. While reducing corruption certainly is important, economic progress comes when those at the helm of government know what they are doing and have political will, like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.

Noynoy has no experience and will be quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of governance.

2nd reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks that since he is not corrupt, then there will be no corruption.

Reality check:

Corruption is unfortunately deeply ingrained in the Philippine political system. That is not to say that we should not do something about it. But it is to recognize that it is not only the President but those around him/her who matter. Cory was quite saintly, but Kamaganak Inc. rampaged through her Presidency. Frank Drilon, the President of the Liberal Party, is himself known as corrupt.

Noynoy has no governance experience, whether in business or politics, and those close to him can easily run circles around him.

3rd reason why Noynoy is clueless: he believes that poverty would be eliminated if only there is clean governance.

Reality check:

There is widespread poverty in the Philippines not because of corruption, but because of social injustice. That is, the rich grow richer, and so the poor grow poorer. There are enough resources in the nation for everyone to have a decent life. But the rich elite, a very small part of the population, has taken a very large and disproportionate share of the nation’s wealth.

How do we eliminate poverty? By sharing. This is what the first Christians did. The rich shared their wealth with the poor, and the result was that there was no one in need (Acts 4:34). This is not just about giving handouts. Part of sharing is sharing the opportunities to make money, giving just compensation to employees, giving land to the landless.

The social injustice is perpetrated by the entrenched elite economic and political families, such as the Cojuangcos, Roxases, Aranetas, Madrigals, etc. A prime example is the case of Hacienda Luisita, where the farmers have been deprived of what is rightfully theirs. In fact, they have been killed for asking for what is due them.

Noynoy is part of this social and economic elite, and cannot be expected to stand against them in favor of the poor. He has already shown this in the case of Hacienda Luisita.

4th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not understand the poor.

Reality check:

The poor make up the overwhelming majority of our people. They make up the greater part of a President’s national constituency. Thus care for the poor should be a primary concern of any President.

Perhaps we cannot judge Noynoy harshly, because he has not experienced deep material poverty. If you have not been poor, you cannot truly empathize with the poor. That is why social workers at times live with the poor, to somehow become one of them, to experience what they experience.

His criticism of Manny Villar’s claim of poverty, even to the point of maligning him regarding his brother Danny’s death, shows how callous he can be. Because Danny was brought to the hospital, he concluded that the Villars were not poor. He does not understand how the poor care for their relatives, even to the point of going into debt, or perhaps, even stealing. He does not understand the nobility of the poor. As with many who are rich and elite, perhaps he looks on the poor with disdain, considering them lazy, dirty, of no good to society. This might be unfair to Noynoy, but did he not in fact show no concern for the farmers of Hacienda Luisita? He even accused them of being communists when they rallied for their rights.

The most urgent need for our nation is the eradication of poverty. Noynoy cannot accomplish this because his heart is not with the poor. In fact, in desiring to eliminate corruption, would that not benefit the rich businessmen most? Then they will only grow richer, and the poor poorer.

5th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not understand that reproductive health means abortion.

Reality check:

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said it again quite clearly: “You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.” It is the goal of the US government, together with powerful forces such as the European Union, elements of the United Nations, billionaire philanthropists, liberal media, homosexualist forces, to force abortion on the whole world as a human right.

If Noynoy claims to be against abortion but for the RH bill, then he is either being naive or deceptive. Reproductive health promotes condoms, condoms fail and result in unwanted pregnancies, then women procure abortions. That is how it has happened in the US and elsewhere. It is a clever step-by-step process that the anti-life forces promote. If we accept the RH bill, abortion will not be far behind.

6th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he believes that EDSA is his birthright.

Reality check:

EDSA was a miracle of God. It belongs to all of us. It was a work of the Spirit that resulted in the dismantling of the Marcos dictatorship. God used Ninoy and Cory, but the glory belongs to God and the honor to the whole Filipino nation.

But Noynoy has appropriated the EDSA spirit for himself and his campaign. He is using the Laban sign, the color yellow (this is not the color of the Liberal Party), the songs, the slogans, even what his parents had done. What a blatant theft of what belongs to us! Now many Filipinos are distancing themselves from EDSA symbols simply because they are automatically looked on as pro-Noynoy. What a shame! What a disservice to the nation. Noynoy is destroying that most loved Filipino treasure that is EDSA.

Further, Noynoy is clueless in thinking that because his parents are revered, he now deserves to be President.

7th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks his good intentions are enough to govern the country.

Reality check:

To be an effective President, one needs experience, political will, intelligence. One cannot just have good intentions. One cannot just be uncorrupt. One must be prepared, with a working platform of governance. One must hit the ground running on Day One, and not have to learn the ropes while in office. One must not just rely on subordinates and hangers on, but must have a clear vision and know what to do.

Noynoy has no executive experience. His legislative experience includes not passing any bill at all. He has no performance to speak of. As Congressman and Senator, he has not made any positive impact on behalf of his constituencies or the nation. Simply put, he is a non-performer.

8th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not understand that to be effective as President, he has to work with other powers-that-be, and so he should show respect.

Reality check:

The Presidency does not exist by itself in the political system. In fact, the legislature and the judiciary are equal partners in governance. Then there are other economic and social forces.

Noynoy belittled the Church when Cardinal Vidal took him to task for being pro-RH bill. He threatened the Supreme Court justices with impeachment if they accepted the appointment of a Chief Justice. He attacks President Arroyo even if she is not a candidate for President (and blatantly claims that he is the only real opposition). He maligns his main political opponent, making wild and unfounded claims, with half-truths and outright lies. He ridiculed a political pollster when the findings showed Villar closing in on him. He accuses the Comelec of imagined irregularities. He stokes conflict between the chiefs of the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police. He makes it his priority to prosecute GMA.

Noynoy is a divisive person. He attacks and maligns, often without good basis. He creates enemies instead of trying to win them over. He is disrespectful, of good people and important institutions. In a political system as we have in the Philippines, that is a sure way to division and disunity.

9th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he still has the EDSA hangover and has no qualms about not following the rule of law.

Reality check:

The rule of law, flawed as it might be at times, is crucial to a democracy. EDSA is an extraordinary experience, perhaps never to be repeated again.

Noynoy has no qualms about not following the rule of law. In his disagreement with the appointment by GMA of a Chief Justice, he has resorted to threats and demonstrations, instigating his followers in the latter. He has threatened the justices with impeachment. In contrast, the Nationalista Party, also disagreeing with GMA’s potential action, took the issue to the Supreme Court as an appeal to its decision.

Noynoy does not see that an extraordinary extra-judicial move is not a first option, but the last. When we discard the rule of law, we are well on our way to chaos.

10th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not know what is good for the economy or the nation.

Reality check:

Taxes are the lifeblood of the nation. Without adequate taxes, there would be no resources with which to run government and serve the people.

Noynoy immediately announced that he would not raise taxes (he later backtracked). He was either playing up to the businessmen and the people, or he was totally naive. In contrast, Villar said that he would not tie his hands on raising taxes. After GMA, the coffers would be empty. He would first enforce collection, and cut down on tax evasion and corruption. But if these were not enough, he would have to raise taxes. Now that is being open, sincere and wise.

Noynoy either does not know how to run the government, or is impulsive and does not think issues through well enough, or practices the old politics of making promises that cannot be kept. In any way, he is not fit to be President.

11th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not know what the Presidency entails, how awesome a task it is.

Reality check:

Being President is an awesome responsibility. While many are legally qualified to run for President, only a few can really do well as President. Part of being qualified is the actual experience of governance, preferably from the bottom up.

Let us look at Hacienda Luisita. It is a large piece of land, it has economic activity, it has poor people working (or out of work), it has a social system, it has the entrenched elite (the owners), it has management-labor problems. It could be a microcosm of the Philippines. Now what good has Noynoy done, as one of the owners and as the scion of the Cojuangco clan? He claims he owns only 1%, but that is evading the moral responsibility that would be expected of someone who aspires to be President of the Philippines. And in fact, was he not head of their security agency when there was the killing of farmers? Did he not malign and fault the farmers as being communists? Did he not oppose the granting of land to the farmers as was the original agreement of the Cojuangcos with the government?

Now he says that if elected President, he would look to distributing the land. What? Elect you first before you act? Why not do it now? This is just another empty promise, playing up to the gallery, just like the vow not to raise taxes.

Noynoy looks to his own and his family/clan’s well-being, not to that of the poor farmers. He looks to the interest of the small minority rather than the greater majority. He cannot be trusted to be able to run the nation, or to do justice to its poor.

12th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not realize that in resorting to half-truths and lies in his effort to malign his major political opponent, he is acting in a very unchristian way.

Reality check:

The Philippines is a Christian nation. Noynoy professes to be a Christian Catholic. As Christians we are all children of God. But one who lies becomes a child not of God but of Satan, who is the father of lies.

It is wrong to say that anything goes when it comes to politics. That is what makes politics dirty, which it should not be.

Noynoy’s main political opponent, Manny Villar, has kept the high ground in his campaign. He sticks to issues, not malicious attacks. He does not retaliate, even in the most blatant lies thrown against him, but just patiently and calmly explains. It can be done! Even in disagreement, there should always be respect.

We need a true Christian as President of the Philippines, one who has integrity and is a peacemaker. Noynoy unfortunately does not fit the bill.

Noynoy is clueless about many important things, and is not fit to be President of the Philippines.



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Baby James’ Choice: Villar!

This is the video I was talking about in my previous post. Hehehe! Enjoy!

Did you notice how Kris moved Baby James away from the microphone? Wahahah! Baka raw kasi kantahin niya ‘yung jingle ni Villar. Joke!

I love baby James na!


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Baby James backs Villar

A good friend of mine sent me this. Waaaa!  This is sooooo funny!

A repairman came to my brother’s place yesterday and told us this story about Kris Aquino’s sortie in Bacolod on Monday evening, March 29, 2010.
Kris: Baby James, sino yung iboboto natin sa pagka presidente?
Baby James shouted: Si Villar!

Kris moved away quickly and started on an impromptu number hoping that the people did not catch what Baby James said. ABS CBN did not broadcast this incident. 

Well … as they say, babies do not lie, do they?

I bet,  Baby James also knows by heart the Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura jingle of Sen. Villar.  Ahahaha!

Baby James goes orange. What do you say, Noy?

Kris, you look prettier in orange, really. Are you moving to NP na rin? Ahahaha!


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What’s common between Noynoy and GMA?

Right now, we can see more clearly the Gloriaquino connection. As I expected, they couldn’t hide that long. Inch by inch, it’s becoming visible, both in form and substance.

Noynoy and GMA have too much in common.  His handling of that controversial New York Times article on Hacienda Luisita reminds us of the denials made by GMA regarding the Hello Garci tapes. (Remember how GMA repeatedly denied that she was the one in that infamous tapes, but later on apologized for that incident?)

Noynoy tried to weasel out of the NY Times story by saying that his cousin was just misquoted by the paper. He implied that the NY Times reporters were liars. Whew! However, NY Times offered to play the tape in public to prove that they were not.

Aha!  Come on… let’s hear it. Let’s see who’s lying. Is it the NY Times reporters or Noynoy?

Maybe, by now, Noynoy is again scouring over the GMA manual on how to lie to see if he missed something there.

AQUINORROYO. Noynoy reads the instructional material on damage control - the GMA manual on how to lie.

Poor boy…doesn’t he realize the author of the manual he’s reading was caught red-handed?


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Ano ba talaga, Noynoy?!?

Sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo? Si Noynoy o ang pinsan niyang Chief Operating Officer ng Hacienda Luisita Inc?

Matatandaan na sinabi ni Noynoy noong isang buwan na ipapamahagi na nila ang Hacienda Luisita in 5 years. (See my graphics regarding that here.) Pero nang interbyuhin ng New York Times ang COO ng HLI, sinabi naman nitong HINDI NILA IPAPAMAHAGI ANG HACIENDA LUISITA. Ano ba talaga, kuya?!?

Here’s the excerpt of the article published in the New York Time last week.

Mr. Aquino, 50, the front-runner in the presidential election, announced recently that the family would transfer the land to the farmers after ensuring that debts were paid off.

“It will be theirs clear and free,” Mr. Aquino said in an interview in Manila.

But Mr. Aquino’s cousin, Fernando Cojuangco, the chief operating officer of the holding company that owns the plantation, said that the extended Cojuangco family, owners of this plantation since 1958, had no intention of giving up the land or the sugar business.

“No, we’re not going to,” Mr. Cojuangco, 47, said in an interview here. “I think it would be irresponsible because I feel that continuing what we have here is the way to go. Sugar farming has to be; it’s the kind of business that has to be done plantation-style.”

Noynoy, ‘yan ang hirap kapag wala kang paninindigan. ‘Yan ang hirap kapag ang sinasabi mo e walang katotohanan. ‘Yan ang hirap kapag ang mga sinasabi mo lang ay mga bagay na ikatutuwa ng mga nakakarinig sa’yo kahit ito’y mga kasinungalingan. ‘Yan ang hirap ‘pag ang gusto lang ng mga botenteng marinig ang mga sinasabi mo… e di nabisto ka tuloy!

The last time I wrote about Hacienda Luisita I said: Abangan natin ang susunod na kabanata which will come after 5 years…ipapamahagi nga kaya ng Cojuangco-Aquino ang Hacienda Luisita? Hindi na pala natin kailangang maghintay ng limang taon para malaman ang sagot… ayan na! Ipinapamukha na sa ating mga Pilipino na walang magandang repormang agraryo ang mangyayari kapag si Noynoy ang nanalo. Kaya mga tsong, lolo, lola, tito, tita…mag-isip-isip ng isa, dalawa, tatlo! Siya pa rin ba ang iboboto nyo? Ayayay… Ngayon pa lang ay lumalabas na ang tunay na kulay niya. Ewan ko lang kung may maniniwala pa sa mga sasabihin niya.

Ang sabi niya sa kanyang pinakahuling ad, ipagpapatuloy daw niya ang laban. Laban? Nasaan ang laban? Anong laban? Laban sa mga magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita? Aba! Hindi nga niya maresolba ‘yang laban na ‘yan sa bakuran niya, magsasabi pa siya ng mga “imaginary” na laban… Hipokrito!

Hindi ba nararapat lang naman na tamain niya muna ang mali sa bakuran niya bago siya magsabing “Itatama ang Mali”? Paano niya naaatim na sabihing pinapahalagahan niya ang social justice?

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